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I deleted this a month ago because I thought I shouldn’t be writing it, however today I have realised that I love it and this is defo something I want to do. Every few days I’m gunna keep you posted as to how my relationship is going and how it’s affecting my life (in a good way), I just hope you like it😬


Do you hug your parents?

I love this, everyone should get a hug from someone💕


My parents aren’t “huggers”. I’ve never really thought much about it. Until I moved to a new city and met new friends – all huggers. And now it has rubbed off on me. For the last 15 years I’ve been hugging all the people I like, when meeting them and leaving them. And why shouldn’t I hug the ones I care about? It’s enough cruelty in this world, so every nice gesture should be appreciated.

I started to hug my mother some years ago. I remember very well the first time. She was taken by surprise. At first she acted kind of like “what are you doing?“. But I guess she liked this new “tradition” I started. She’s been hugging me every time we meet ever since.

My family love each other, but I guess love can be communicated in different ways. We’ve always been close, even without the hugging.

My dad is different from…

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